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Glass Partitions That Can Enhance The Appearance Of The Office

Posted on Sep 30, 2016 by in Office Fitouts |

There are numerous types of partitions available that may effectively be used to improve the appearance and productivity of the office space. They may vary in terms of their height and the materials used for making them. Among the various types of materials used for making office fitouts in Melbourne, the ones made of glass are the most popular.

Glass partitions

Partitions made of glass are affordable, easy to install and can easily maximize any given space. They help to provide privacy to employees in open plan offices which are extremely popular nowadays, especially in Melbourne. They help in creating Melbourne ergonomic workstations. Using these partitions, the transmission of light into the office can also be maximized.  Glass partitions look extremely attractive as they provide a clean and neat look to the office and enhance its appearance. They are preferred over solid wall partitions that occupy more space and often look oppressive.


Benefits of using glass partitions in the office

Usage of glass partitions to create cubicles and workstations in the office provides a number of benefits. Few of them include:

  • They provide a creative look to the overall office space.
  • These partitions allow transmission of natural light in the office and hence help in cutting energy bills.
  • Customers and employees are ensured of greater privacy.
  • Sound proof glass partitions may be used to control noise at the workplace.
  • The glass partitions ensure optimum utilization of space by creating multiple partitioned areas.
  • Glass partitions can be utilized innovatively and decoratively.
  • These partitions are extremely cost effective and can be installed with minimum modifications in the surrounding environment.
  • The partitions may be chosen from amongst a variety of designs including clear glass and frosted glass ones depending on the privacy requirements.
  • They are generally made of toughened safety glass and ensure safety of employees.
  • The partitions are durable and very easy to maintain.

Other uses of glass partitions

The most common use of glass partitions is in the office. However, their use is not restricted to being used as office glass partitions in Melbourne. They can also effectively be utilized to divide spaces and create features in other types of businesses like bars, restaurants and many more. They may also be used in smaller domestic spaces like studio apartments to maximize the utilization of space. In larger homes, they may be used for creating usable sections out of a large space. They can effectively be used in the rooms of children to create a separate space for each child.

Temporary glass partitions which have motorised and sliding panels. They can be closed and opened to create privacy according to requirement.

Glass partitions provide an effective way to provide privacy to the employees. They provide cost effective solutions for improving the productivity and appearance of the office.