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Is it okay to buy doors and screens online?

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 by in Home Interiors |

Everything that you could buy at a physical store is now also available at the online stores. Even the doors and the accessories can be purchased from the ecommerce websites. But, many people wonder whether it is okay to buy these items online. Their main concern is if they will get the product they really want. The good news is that things have changed over the last few years. Today, it is safe to buy just about anything online as long as you are buying from a trusted website. Here are a few points to note.

More options at one place

One of the best things about online stores is that options are galore. A physical store owner would have to keep the physical product ready at the store. They may be limited by the amount of space available to them. Also, if there are lots of options at the physical store it may be difficult for the customer to browse them all. But things are different with the online store. The door inventory could be lying in the storage room while several pictures can be posted on the online shop. Even from the customers’ perspective it becomes easier to browse through the collection.

For example, if you want to buy stainless steel security doors you can simply visit the ‘security doors’ section and check out all the available options. The brochures at the physical stores cannot as extensive.


You may even get better pricing

Even online stores need to maintain inventory. But, what they do not need is a showroom. This is why their overheads get considerably reduced. For this reason they are able to offer better prices to the customers. But the buyers must be a little prudent. They must compare different doors and screens at the store and online shop and determine if they are from the same manufacturer. For example, if you are planning to buy fly screens in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs you could visit a local store and check out some of the options. You can then visit an online store and compare the prices for the same products.

The colours may vary

Online shopping of the doors and fly screens is beneficial in many ways. But it does have its own set of challenges. One of the biggest problems is that you may not get exactly what you see. This does not necessarily mean that the seller is trying to deceive you. The problem is that the camera may not be able to capture the colour as it is. Also, the colours may render differently on different screens depending upon the resolution and brightness, contrast settings.

But you can overcome this challenge easily. Let’s say the door colour is specified as ‘charred brown’ from a particular supplier. You can go to the local store and see how this colour appears from the same manufacturer. If you like what you see you can buy online confidently.